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Learn to Skate Lessons!

Roller skating is a fun filled activity that gets you physically active and helps you live a healthy lifestyle.  There are many benefits that roller skating provides for everyone of any age.  It helps develop balance and motor skills while getting your heart pumping and burning calories.  Take a step away from the computer and put down your cell phones.... come socialize with your friends at Star Skate!

Star Skate proudly offers Learn to Skate Lessons for beginners of any age.  We will teach balance, moving forward, stopping, falling, crossing over, skating backwards and anything else you want to learn.  The students will become familiar with the Star Skate staff and understand rink rules that will keep them safe.  They will learn the games that are played at Star Skate and get to practice them during the lessons!

Lessons are offered twice a year.  Once in the spring and once in the fall.  The exact dates will be posted on our Events & Specials page about a month before they begin.

Lessons are 4 Saturdays for $35

12:15pm - 1 pm

Skate rental is included!

Students can stay to skate the public session following the lesson.

Our friendly staff is always happy to share skating tips with anyone at anytime.  If you would like help during a public session, feel free to ask a Star Skate staff member while you are there.